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OAR Government Affairs

At the State level, the Oklahoma Association of REALTORS® (OAR) has a professional team of lobbyists that works with legislators and agencies on state issues related to the Real Estate profession.  OAR assigns a local REALTOR® member to be the liaison with both federal and state senators and representatives.


At least twice a year, the OAR Government Affairs Committee meets to review pending legislation.  The committee is a cross section of both residential and commercial members from across the state.  At the first meeting, after bills are submitted but before the legislature convenes, all bills related to the real estate industry are reviewed and given a support, neutral, or oppose ranking. During the legislative session, OAR staff produces a weekly podcast update as well as weekly updates to bills being tracked.  At the end of the session the committee meets to rank legislators on how they supported OAR legislative priorities.


Among the legislative priorities for the 2016 session were bills that provided a definition for Property Managers to the Real Estate Code, and authorized electronic notaries in real estate transactions.

Mobile Alerts:

        Click to signup for REALTOR® Party Mobile Alerts.  From two to five times a year, NAR will send a short text message when your action is needed on an important real estate issue.

COCAR™ Advocacy/Government Affairs Committee

The Advocacy/Government Affairs Committee is responsible for coordinating our association's interactions with local governments' legislative and regulatory activities:

  • performs our Government Affairs activities, recommending policy statements, local (municipal & county in our metropolitian area) candidate endorsements, and other political policies for adoption by the COCAR Board of Directors.
  • is also our Local Board's RPAC committee, recommending to the REALTORS® PAC Of Oklahoma how our portion of funds should be distributed to local (city/county)  candidates and/or issues.
  • plans the Oklahoma Commercial Real Estate Forum™, an annual Town Hall type advocacy event discussing an issue of interest to the Central Oklahoma Real Estate Community.  

For further information, or if you would like to participate on the committee,  contact the COCAR™ Advocacy / RPAC Committee Chair: Bart Binning, Ed.D.

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Campaign Services

State & Local Independent Expenditures

Independent Expenditures are used to influence voter opinion to elect candidates to office candidates classified as REALTOR® Champions.  Funds can be used for independent advertising, mailings, and phone banks.  (No netagive advertising.) 

Political Affairs Training
Campaign Management School - an informative and interactive, day-long program which will include a refresher on managing candidate and issue campaigns, and explains how NAR Campaign Services can benefit state and local associations
Candidate Training Academy - developed to give REALTOR® -friendly candidates an introduction to and expectation of how to run for office.  A day-long event.  The Training Academy is available for REALTOR® Friendly candidates who wish to run for elective office.

        Polling & Research and Data Analysis services can be used to help detmine candidate or issue campaign viability, and what approach to take in a campaign.

         Direct Mail Services are used to help create mailings that help influence candidate and issue campaigns to specifically targeted people

        Robocalls (NAR's automated call and phone banks) are a cost-effective way to advance an advocacy agenda.

        Creative Servics supervised by NAR can provide production services to create and run online, print, radio and/or television advertising to make issue or independent candidate campaigns.  

        Get Out the Vote Activity including votering registeration

Candidate Services

Candidate Training Academy

This class will show a candidate, step-by-step through a process from making the decision to run, fundraising,  to Get-Out-the-Vote on election day 

Campaign Management Training Campaign Management class (CMT1) is a two-day interactive program which includes a refresher on managing candidate and issue campaigns

NAR's Track Record

In 2015 alone, the REALTOR® Party funded 229 state and local independent expenditure campaigns and won 177 of them for a win record of 78 percent.  (Because it was not an “election year,” we did no federal independent expenditure campaigns in 2015.) 


In 2014, we funded 376 state and local campaigns and won 290 of them for a win record of 77 percent.  On the federal side, we funded 13 independent expenditure candidates for the U.S. House and Senate and won 11 of them, for a win rate of 85 percent.

Oklahoma Commercial Real Estate Forum™


Part of our effectiveness as a profession is our ability to facilicate change that benefits the industry.  This is usually done through the political process, get out the vote and fundraising.  It can also be done through the development of new ideas.

The Forum is an annual, public, solutions oriented, Town Hall type advocacy meeting organized by the COCAR Advocacy committee.  The general format of the Forum is to have three experts individually discuss a topic/problem before lunch, and have a brainstorm meeting after lunch to discuss a possible plan of action to address the problem.  


The topic selected is  one of general concern to the real estate / development community.  The solutions are compiled and published.


Information on the current topic of the Forum can be found by clicking on this OK-FORUM link or the tab above.  

At the National level, NAR employs just under40 staff persons in their Washington DC office.  About 1/2 of the staff is devoted to maintaining contact with legislators, legislative staff, and agency staff, as well as maintaining a liaison with State REALTOR Associations.  The other 1/2 research both legislative initiatives and agency rules in just under 90 topical areas.  About 2/3 of these areas are of direct interest to Commercial Real Estate Professionals, including brokers, developers, and investors.  Issues of related professions are also tracked, including mortgage and banking, appraisal, accounting, and technology.  For a list of issues, go to

The "REALTOR® Party" is the term the National Association of REALTORS® uses to describe their nonpartisan advocacy efforts to protect property rights and promote the industry.  About 1/3 (or $40) of National NAR Dues are earmarked for REALTOR® Party activities. When combined with funds raised and distributed through the RPAC and Corporate Ally Programs, REALTORS® are consistendly ranked among the top five advocacy organizations in the country (for 2016 REALTORS® were the second largest, ranked behind the US Chamber of Commerce.)

          Participation in REALTOR® Party activities does not require REALTOR® membership in COCAR™, but Affiliate membership in COCAR™ is minimally required.

          The activities sponsored by the REALTOR® Party represent one of the largest professional, nonpartisan advocacy groups in the country, with significant presence at the federal, state and local levels.

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Broker Involvement Program

        For managing brokers who wish their staff to be involved in advocacy issues, NAR offers the Broker Involvement Program - a dynamic, no cost tool that allows the managing broker to Taylor NAR calls to action to their own needs, and distributed the messages to their staff.

Public Advocacy:

Government Affairs

The NAR Political Advocacy  group provides the real estate industry with one of  the largest and most effective political advocacy organizations in the country. The NAR Government Affairs staff provides resources to track and provide input on dozens of national issues.  Through coordinated Calls To Action and contributions, we have influenced the legislative process locally, state and nationally.  

  • Land-Use Initiative: NAR legal staff will provide an analysis of pending local land-use regulations and ordinances to help craft a response to proposed ordinances in a way that best supports the real estate industry
  • Convio - Fundraising and CRM for Grassroots Advocacy -  The REALTOR® Party Hub is a comprehensive, grassroots communication system for online membership outreach, engagement and mobilization that utilizes Convio software.

Legislative Updates include:

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Campaign Services Program

        NAR has access to nationwide voter contact files that include both REALTOR® and non-REALTOR® registered voters. COCAR™ may use this data to target communications to advocate for issue or candidate campaigns.  

        Issues Mobilization Grants are available provide financial assistance to support effective advocacy campaigns on public policy issues that affect the industry.